Steak Tartare - A classic dish redone!

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms - Fresh mushrooms stuffed with our homemade crab stuffing.

California “Nachos” - Crispy potatoes tossed with bleu cheese crumbles, sun dried tomatoes, green onions, fresh herbs, and a drizzle of truffle oil.

Sherry Hot Wings - Our crispy wings tossed in a sherry hot sauce.

Calamari - Lightly battered and fried then served with homemade marinara.

Chili Prawn Cocktail - Fresh chilled prawns served with our house made cocktail sauce.  Also available as a classic shrimp cocktail.

Pan Seared Scallops - Three jumbo scallops served over homemade “cream” style fresh corn.

Heirloom Bruschetta - La Brique’s twist on two classic dishes, bruschetta and caprese salad.

Shrimp Scampi - Succulent shrimp sauteed in a garlic butter sauce and served with house made croutons.

Ahi - A unique twist on seared ahi, served over greens tossed with red onions, tomatoes, capers and fresh herbs.

Crab Cakes - Freshly made and served with a light cilantro creme.

Chicken Confit Tartlets - with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese.


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